Galkot Ghumte

गल्कोट घुम्टे

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Galkot  Ghumte, घुम्टे एक परिचय

नेपालभित्रको मिनी नेपाल : सुन्दर जिल्ला बागलुङ

Ghumte is one of the highest hills in Baglung district and also taken as honour of Galkot. At the top of the hill can able to view many others mountain includes beautiful places of Nepal. During The spring season full of different colourful Rhododendron one of the red Rhododendrons it is the national flower of Nepal.
Mostly people who wanted to visit Ghumte on Baishak purnima (April) to see colourful Rhododendron, beautiful scenes and visit very famous temple called Siddha baba and Bhairava

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